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Voltech India established in the year 1995 has captured an extensive market share by manufacturing and supplying a quality centric range of the best Air Breathing Apparatus,Wind Sock,Safety Equipment,Safety Suits,First Aid Equipment,Fire Fighting Equipment,Personal Safety Equipment and much more. We came into the existence in the year 1995 and are engaged in offering products such as Fluorescent jacket,Life Jacket,Air Blower,Fire Man Axe,Fire Proximity Suit,Aluminised Kevlar Fabrics,Air Breathing Apparatus,Parachute Polyester Cloth Wind Sock,Nylon Wind Sock, Wind Sock Stand,Search Light Ranger,Nylon Rope Ladder,Spark Arrestor,Search Light and much more.We manufacture a special range of quality centric products which have been tested to perform in various scenarios.The quality check process is as per the Global Standards and plays a crucial role in defining the long-lasting features of our products.The various parameters under which the products are checked for its quality is widely appreciated by our clients across various market domains.


Windsock INR 0 INR 0 Windsock is extremely useful for Petrochemicals,Refineries,Fertilizers Complex,Pharmaceuticals,Paper Mills,LPG Bottling Plants & Allied Industries for indicating the wind direction,detection of gas leakages,judging the direction & flow of fire for a quick fire stoppage.This equipment is an important part in the safety industry. It is made up of polyester water proof (Parachute type) cloth where visibility is required for longer distance. Color Combination - Red & White,Orange & Lime Green Sizes - 24x72x15,24x96x15 The size can also be customized according to the requirement of the Customer. False 1528200730
Barricading Tape
Barricading Tape INR 0 INR 0 Barricading tape is a brightly colored tape often with a two-tone pattern with the words "Caution" or "Danger" in prominent lettering that is used to warn or catch the attention of passersby of an area or situation containing a possible hazard. It acts as a minor impediment to prevent accidental entrance to that area or situation and as a result enhances general safety. Barricading tape is also known as construction tape or barrier tape or in reference to the safety hazard involved as caution tape, warning tape, danger tape or hazard tape. When used by a police force, the tape is named police tape. The tape is often used as a visual warning sign and demarcation, for instance against entering a dangerous area, such as an industrial or commercial building site, a roadworks construction site or the scene of an accident or a crime, or against handling inoperative machinery or appliances. Made up of PVC type material. Color - White base with Red print. Width : 3inch” Length: 300 Meter, 500 Meter True 1528272365
Safety Net
Safety Net INR 0 INR 0 A safety net is used over a roadway to protect cars during overhead cable replacement A safety net is a net to protect people from injury after falling from heights by limiting the distance they fall, and deflecting to dissipate the impact energy. The term also refers to devices for arresting falling or flying objects for the safety of people beyond or below the net. Safety nets are used in construction, building maintenance, entertainment, or other industries. A safety-net, gives much-more time to a falling object to come into zero velocity than hard ground. In physical terms, this means more time for deceleration and kinetic energy transfer, resulting in a softer landing and much lower risk of damage.It can be used to escape from a building during a disaster (including fire), construction-work, action-sports, etc. It is available in medium and high quality. True 1528368863
Emergency Eyewash (foot operated)
Emergency Eyewash (foot operated) INR 0 INR 0 An emergency eyewash and safety shower station are essential equipment for every laboratory that uses chemicals and hazardous substances needs. Emergency eyewash and safety shower stations serve the purpose of reducing workplace injury and keeping workers away from various dangers. Also, to avoid the chemicals that can cause further harm to the body. True 1528869297
Fireman Safety Helmet
Fireman Safety Helmet INR 0 INR 0 For centuries, firefighters have worn helmets to protect them from heat, cinders and falling objects. Although the shape of most fire helmets has changed little over the years, their composition has evolved from traditional leather to metals (including brass, nickel and aluminum), to composite helmets constructed of lightweight polymers and other plastics.Generally, a right fire safety helmet is extremely vital for all firefighters. Taking advantages of quality helmets with excellent impact resistance, fighters' heads are protected from falling objects and banging on low beams. Meanwhile, the visor in the front of the helmet makes sure that heat and sparks of the fire can not damage firefighter's eyes. True 1528869724
Fireman Axe
Fireman Axe INR 0 INR 0 Firefighter's axe, fire axe, or pick head axe: It has a pick-shaped pointed poll (area of the head opposite the cutting edge). It is often decorated in vivid colors to make it easily visible during an emergency. Its primary use is for breaking down doors and windows True 1528872670
Chemical Splash Safety Goggles
Chemical Splash Safety Goggles INR 0 INR 0 Chemical Splash Goggles are worn to help protect eyes from certain airborne particulates and chemical splash, feature vents designed to help prevent liquids from entering the eye area. The headband is chemical resistant. 1. Protects from chemical splashes. 2. Poly-carbonate Frame / Lens. 3. Wear Over prescription lenses. 4. Meets ANSI Z87-1-2003 5. 4 one -way vents allow ventilation and does not allow splashes to enter. 6. Anti-fog option available. True 1528877048
Silicone Resuscitator
Silicone Resuscitator INR 0 INR 0 A resuscitator is a device using positive pressure to inflate the lungs of an unconscious person who is not breathing, in order to keep them oxygenated and alive. There are three basic types: a manual version (also known as a bag valve mask) consisting of a mask and a large hand-squeezed plastic bulb using ambient air, or with supplemental oxygen from a high-pressure tank. These are also autoclavable up to 136oC and come with other finish properties including resistant to aging, non-toxic and & non-allergic finish. Further, these feature transparent poly-carbonate nonrebreathing valves as well as clear hood face masks that facilitate visual monitoring of lips and regurgitation. Further, these snonrebreathing “L” valves are designed for achieving low resistance and also allows 360 degree swivel so as to provide vital assistance in changing angle of operation without needing to disturb mask/tracheal tube. True 1528877359
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